What is One Chart | PRACTICE? back to top

One Chart | PRACTICE is a comprehensive EHR offering that provides software tools, systems integration and support a medical practice needs to efficiently deliver quality care, including:

  • The EpicCare Ambulatory EHR application
  • Integrated practice management system (PM) for patient registration, appointment scheduling and billing
  • Robust integration with The Nebraska Medical Center clinical data repository and EHR system
  • Comprehensive solution with lab interfaces
  • Electronic prescription capabilities
Why is The Nebraska Medical Center offering this program? back to top

The Nebraska Medical Center and private associated physician offices believe in patient-centered care. Since cost of implementing an electronic medical record is frequently cited as a barrier that impedes private physician offices from adopting the technology, The Nebraska Medical Center is subsidizing the cost of the One Chart | PRACTICE system, as well as the system build, testing, training and implementation of the system.

How much does One Chart | PRACTICE cost and what is included in my cost? back to top

The One Chart | PRACTICE electronic health record and practice management systems are priced together as a per physician cost. This cost is broken into two parts; a one-time fee and a monthly fee. The one-time fee per physician that covers all EHR/PM licensing fees, third party software fees, infrastructure costs for hosting at The Nebraska Medical Center data center, training, e-learning access and implementation team support (including system build, testing, training and go-live support). A monthly fee is also incurred per physician that covers continuous application support, maintenance and upgrades. A relaxation of Stark Laws allows The Nebraska Medical Center to offer this system at a deeply discounted cost between July 2012 and December 2013. Exact pricing will be shared with a demonstration of the system. Contact us to make an appointment.

Will I be able to get any of the initial upfront cost back? back to top

If you implement before December 2013, your practice has the opportunity to recoop some of the cost of implementation. However, in order to qualify for the government payback you must attest to Meaningful Use. This means you must have documented in the new EHR system for at least 90 days and be using it to improve care. This will be the responsibility of each practice to follow through with. One Chart | PRACTICE contains programs that will aid with record keeping of the required measures.

Does One Chart | PRACTICE integrate with The Nebraska Medical Center’s EHR? back to top

Yes, clinical data will be integrated in a single secure database that allows physicians to access and share clinical information across care settings. One Chart | PRACTICE employs the same Epic software used by The Nebraska Medical Center, UNMC Physicians, UNMC and Bellevue Medical Center but is configured specifically for the independent practice setting.

Your practice scheduling and billing remain completely independent of hospital data.

Do I have to purchase all of the applications that come with One Chart Practice? back to top

One Chart Practice is an integrated system; practices cannot purchase one portion of the system without the other. If you currently outsource portions of your business to a third party, contact us for options on how One Chart Practice can work for your office.

Who is Epic? back to top

Founded in 1979, Epic is an electronic medical records company based in Verona, WI. They are a private organization that develops, installs and supports an integrated set of applications. Many of the largest health systems in the country, including Johns Hopkins Medicine and Stanford Medicine, have also selected Epic as their vendor of choice.

Will The Nebraska Medical Center or other physicians have access to independent practice billing and financial data? back to top

No. Your patient scheduling and billing data and practice information is separate and secure. Information pertaining to your practice, including workflows and billing, is owned by your office and is not accessible by others who use One Chart | PRACTICE. The Nebraska Medical Center cannot access this data without consent.

How secure is One Chart | PRACTICE? back to top

The system is very secure from outside threats. Thorough physical, electronic and administrative safeguards have been implemented to make sure data is protected.

Can I use One Chart | PRACTICE to meet Meaningful Use requirements? back to top

In order to meet Meaningful Use physicians and clinicians must adopt a certified EHR and use it to document and improve care. Epic is a certified EHR. Each practice is responsible for documenting and reporting Meaningful Use. The system provides reports to assist in reporting on measures.

Is One Chart | PRACTICE a certified EHR system? back to top

This EHR system is compliant and has been certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology, an ONC-ATCB, in accordance with the applicable certification criteria for eligible providers and hospitals adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or guarantee the receipt of incentive payments.

What can I expect if I choose to move forward with One Chart | PRACTICE? back to top

If you choose to move forward with One Chart | PRACTICE, you can expect to work with dedicated and knowledgeable implementation and support teams who will work to help you be successful. The implementation of an EHR is a substantial change in any office and requires that you dedicate time to training and answering questions from the teams implementing your system. Others who have purchased the system report the initial hurdles are short lived and the benefits well worth the effort.

Will The Nebraska Medical Center provide any hardware for the implementation? back to top

Stark and EHR Safe Harbor laws do not allow The Nebraska Medical Center to provide hardware deployed within physician practices. The Nebraska Medical Center will provide your office with a comprehensive list of required hardware. Practices will need to plan for and budget for a network, VPN, desktop and/or portable devices that are necessary for providers and their support staff to utilize the PM and EHR. Practice technology services are available from several pre-qualified third party IT support vendors.

How soon will I be able to implement? back to top

One Chart | PRACTICE is targeting the first implementation(s) for July 2012. Subsequent implementations will be completed by December 2013.

How can I see a demo of the system? back to top

Demos will be provided to those that are interested and will be scheduled regularly. Contact the One Chart | PRACTICE team for more information.